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Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc is an expert employee benefit solutions company. Their team focuses on the successful creation & delivery of health insurance benefit plans for employers with 10 -300 employees. Braden Benefit Strategies works with franchise corporations with multiple large franchisees, medical practice groups, and independent practice associations (IPAs).

Comments from their CEO:

‘I really liked the phone call tonight with the heads-up for tomorrow morning’s meeting!

Again, thank you for being there for us and working with this important client.

First, let me relay the quality of the leads from the first week. We have followed up with all and have had a very good response. I would rather have 3 quality leads than 5 or 10 that are not viable. You and your team have certainly provided us with this. Thank you!

You guys are amazing. Thank you!!!!

You guys have done an awesome job! You guys are awesome!

You guys blow me away – wow, thank you!

Just to let you know, what you are doing is making a difference and we really appreciate it!’

Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc.:
HR Benefits Company

CompuScholar provides an online learning platform that teaches professional programming languages in a fun way to middle and high school students. They take care of all the logistics so that teachers can focus on what they do best - teaching!

We consulted with Sherry and her TeleSales team to support us in reaching a new market segment: Calling on headmasters and their administrative team at private schools in multiple states and time zones.

The TeleSales team took the time to learn about our business and marketing objectives and together we designed an effective outbound marketing campaign. They were very professional and brought a lot of experience to the table.

When asked to use our sales development system they were very flexible and picked it up quickly. They were very successful in generating qualified appointments for our sales team to follow-up and close. On our weekly status calls they were eager to receive as well as provide feedback in order to improve our outreach potential. Sherry was involved every step of the way to ensure not only that we were tracking the analytics but also performing at a high level to reach the best possible outcome. 

I highly recommend TeleSales, Inc. to help you grow your business!

Online Computer Science and Computer Skill Courses


Gebhardt, a global business headquartered in Germany, and has been developing and producing logistic solutions for the retail trade and industry for more than 185 years, specifically material handling processes and products.

We hired TeleSales to begin to penetrate the US market, to generate leads and research specific contacts in large national retailers. We received quality information which included specific titles, names, emails and phone numbers  within the targeted national retailers. It helped us gain direct information about the companies we are targeting as well as the responsible individuals. The contacts were then followed up with at a deeper level to identify who has direct influence on sourcing of our product.

We would definitely recommend TeleSales to other companies who are looking to increase their penetration into the US market.

Gebhardt Logistics Solutions:
Global Logistics provider

The Mauldin Group is an award-winning Digital Marketing Firm that serves Atlanta Business community and focuses on Online Lead Generation.

For over a year, the TeleSales Team has supported us in our lead follow up program.

They continue to handle our inbound lead follow up, following up on all inbound leads from our online marketing, networking and trade shows. To date they have set approximately 270 appointments.

TeleSales took this time consuming task off my desk and freed me up to focus on other important sales growth activities.

My comments: ‘You guys ROCK! Thanks for all you do.’

‘Thank you Sherry, I really appreciate what you guys do for me. Excellent work!’

The Mauldin Group:
Award winning Premier Digital Marketing Firm


Share One, Inc is a high-end technology shop providing in-house core processing software, outsourcing resources, and Internet solutions to credit unions nationally. Share One has three decades of history in the financial software services industry. TeleSales follows up on our direct mail campaigns, generating interest, setting appointments and scheduling demos.

‘Your agent is super. We love the detail level of her note taking and her ability to get these people to agree to a demo.  Since the first of the year, she has identified 30 credit unions as Demo requests!  We are so pleased with that number.’

Share One:

I wanted to let you know, we have found your company’s Business to Business Marketing to be a very productive outsourced support to our sales initiative. We are growing our existing database, pre-qualifying the contacts and have developed a longterm approach to ensure a maximum result from this year’s long effort. So far we have received a total of 364 leads from your telemarketing programs. Many of these leads had immediate needs, other’s needs are longterm. On average, we are closing 70% of the appointments set.

We are hitting the market hard and will continue to do so. We appreciate your management of the telemarketing program, your staff’s professional approach to our prospects, and your flexibility in working with us as we adjust our infrastructure to accommodate these new accounts.

Paul Hatch, President, Payroll Professionals

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the lead generation program I instituted in August…I would have been pleased with results that produced a 3 to 6 month payback on the program’s initial investment, however, I am pleased to report that onenew account from your program will pay for all costs involved 10 times in a calendar year!

In just over 6 weeks, your staff produced over 70 quality leads.. Your company tackled the hardest and most time consuming aspect of my profession…cold calling! The service your company provided not only generated new accounts, but also allowed me to do what I consider most important…spend more time with current clients.

I congratulate you and your company on a job well done!

John Bianchini, Sales Representative, Brandon’s Printing